The Roman Conclave confirms that Guru nanak went Rome and other Nations

PP 692 of Mahan-Kosh, confirms Janam-Sakhi by Jodh Soni ( Fore- Father of Hardas Soni Daroga of Fort Gwalior), provided Satguru Nanak Sahib'S visit to whole world, to Bhai Gurdas Ji. This Janam-Sakhi ( of 1543 A. D.) was changed by Hirdei Ram Bhalla, an employee of Emperor Jahangir to "Prachin Janam-Sakhi". Mr. Hirdei Rama Bhalla was a close friend of Bhai Banno ( ref. Bhai Vir Singh'S statement on PP 85 of Prachin Janam-Sakhi ).

The Oriental Manuscript 2751, of British-Museum, clears almost every question on the change of Nanac's History.This manuscript of 1623 A.D., confirms that Emperor Jahangir gave the responsibility to Hirday Ram Bhalla to change the Janam -Sakhi of Jodh Soni, which was handed over to the emperor, Jahangir, by Hari Das Soni (Daroga of Fort Gwalior),for printing. But instead of printing, the emperor gave it (Janam-Sakhi) to Hirday Ram Bhalla for a change.The name of the father of Haridas is "Sawan Mall "{ artist by profession} ( ref. Ayen-I-Akbari ). Jodh Soni was the worthy father of Sawan Mall. Jodh Soni wrote a Gurmat Janam-Sakhi in Samvat 1600, Jeth 3. ( by courtesy of British Museum).

Centuries-old question of the poets " Ram" and "Sham", in "Dasam Granth" is answered by this Manuscript.
(1)---Ram= Kavi Hirday Rama ( Bhalla).
(2)---Sham= Kavi Kasirama (Bhalla).
Kavi Kasirama also changed " Gur Bilas Patshahi-6" in the forged name of "Kavi Sohan", Originally written by Bhai Bhana.

Bhai Gurdas Ji got the information regarding "Papal Brief", 1518 from Satguru Amar Das and first " Janam-Sahi " of Jodh Soni ( which was knowingly revised by Emperor Jahangir in Samvat 1680, through Hirday Ram) in 1543 ( Jeth 3, Samvat 1600 Ref. Var-11, Pauri-14). Bhai Gurdas Ji confirmed that Salok Varan

Te Wadhik were composed and sung at Rome, by Satguru Nanak Sahib. The contemporary Pope, Leo-X, his cardinals, some resident ambassadors of various countries to Vatican were present in June, 1518. In the records of Pope, the followng words are very important" Pacific Character of Nanac", which is called in Roman, "Ponta Affacinanto Di Nanacus" Nanac Da Prem Marg " Jau Tau Prem Khelan Ka Chao, Sir Dhar Tali Gali Meri Aoo----", Holy Page No. 1412 of SGGS.

In the records of the Catholic Pope's records, the Gurmat terminology is used in the following way---
(1)---Nitnem=Holy regular song.
(2)---Diwan=Special Musical Mass.
(4)---Salok=Small couplets.

The Roman Conclave confirms that Nanac went Rome and other Nations.This confirms the Papal Brief of 1518. Leo-X and all the cardinals have a clave(Religious meetings of cardinals). In that clave Leo-X, instructed all the christians to follow the footsteps of Nanac, " Common Father of our race". He instructed all the christians to thank Nanac for his practical help in Italy and elsewhere in the world.The Catholic Pope underlined Nanac's starting Liberty of human slavery in Rome.This conclave was printed in 1609. Earlier it was a Roman manuscript ( by courtesy of University of Toronto).

Nanac, Common Father of Our Race----Pope Leo-X, Papal Brief of 1518

Papel Brief of June, 1518 on Nanac, as printed for Asiatic Researches in 1799, by Mr. Charles Wilkins,, later printed in " Christian Disciple, 1814", confirms that the part of Sikh Doctrine, is painted on the dome of St. Peter's Basillica, Vatican.In this papal brief, cardinal , Alsendro (later Pope Paul-III) had directed all the christians to thank, Nanac, Common Father of Our Race.Nanac had more human qualities, than any christian can even think of. ( by courtesy of University of Rome & "Christian Disciple, 1814).

Zoomed -In copy of Papal Brief, 1518, by Leo-X, the Pope.

Satguru Nanak, visited Greece, Spain and Italy and other places----Pope Paul-III.


Political Conspiracies against Satguru Nanac Sahib, first by Charles V and John Sleiden, in 1555, Second, by Lewis XIV on October 22,1685. However we are thankful to the whole christian community, for bringing out this political conspiraces against Sikhism. My special thanks to University of Rome office at Ottoviano campus, Rome, Italy, & Ufficio Scavi, Vatican).

Upto October, 22,1685, Guru Nanac was " Common Father of Our Race", but king of France, Lewis-XIV ( the friend of Aurangzeb), warned the Catholic community, the consequences of this type of preaching. He prohibited the edict of Nanac , given by Great Guru, to the christian centre, in Rome and Britain etc. , himself in 1518 onwards. The political conspiracy starts, against Sikhism ( by courtesy of University of Rome & Google Books).

Bhai Santokh Singh rightly claims that Satguru Nanak Sahib had gone to Rome, the capital of Italy.
The office of the Pope , confirms Satguru Nanak Sahib's visit to Europe

East India Company of U.K, confirms Ek-Oankar in Gurmukhi Script, on the dome of St. Peter's Basillica, Vatican.This Co. got this information from "Papel Briefs of June 1518. (ref " House of Commons Papers, published in 1841, PP 190 & "Christian Disciple", 1814).

Ek-Oankar in old Italian,on the top of Dome (Su, Copula) of St. Peter's Basillica.The Exterior of this dome was completed by Michael Anglo, the painter in first quarter of sixteenth century. According to Inglishe-Italiano dioctionary, the proper Italian word for " God is one", is, " Uno Dio", But this word "Navata Grande"is of India origin", the medieval Latin and Italian dictionaries confirm this. The Ufficio Scavi ( office of the Scavi), confirms that the "Dottrina Dei Sikhs" " Sikh Doctrines" is written on the VIII th rib of of dome. There are fourteen ribs in the dome.Pope Pius-VI, sent a directive(Bolla Papale) to East India Company, Calcutta. The mail of the Co. was opened by its Secretery, Charles Wilkins, E.S.Q. In that Mail of 1781, he found the circular from Pope's office, issued in January, 1781.In this circular, the Pope has mentioned the Sikh Doctrines, painted upstairs the dome ( Ref. "Gospel Advocate 1813". In this circular, the Christian Pope , Pius-VI, has directed all the christians, to gratify (thankful) to Satguru Nanak for his timely help to the infinite persons of fimine affected Rome and other towns ( ref " The Life of Francis Xavier, by John Dryden, 1661")( by St. Peters, Vatican, Rome).



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